brief INSIGHT by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group

| Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group’s latest market insight into the technologies that will support hydrogen in its bid to become one of the ‘go-to’ fuels of the future.

As global efforts to reach net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050 intensify, hydrogen’s credentials as a powerful ally for renewable energy and tool for decarbonization are in the spotlight.

| ‘Hydrogen – Powering a Net Zero Future. The Technologies to Get Us There’ explores what it will take for hydrogen to play two key roles in the global quest for net zero:

Enabling greater use of renewable electricity as a form of storage and cleaner source of power generation to balance the intermittency of renewables

Decarbonizing CO2-intensive sectors by serving as a low-emissions propellant in shipping, a feedstock and heat source for industry, and an alternative fuel in residential and commercial heating.

This free eBook assesses the hydrogen opportunity and the solutions that need to be scaled for it to fulfil its decarbonizing potential.

| Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group, through its work with the Japanese space program, has a long history of working with hydrogen. Its group companies are now working to develop the technologies and processes that will enable hydrogen’s transition from powering rockets to being the clean fuel that will drive a net-zero future.

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