Solar Fuels Research & Invest

Defining and developing the global solar fuel value chain


| To mark the end of the European Commission-funded study entitled “Solar Fuels Research & Invest: Defining and developing the global solar fuel value chain: techno-economic analysis and pathways for sustainable implementation,” CEPS is organising, in cooperation with its project partners EY, IMEC and RINA, a closing conference to disseminate the results of the project and foster further stakeholder discussion around the roadmap for solar fuel technology development and the economic outlook for the solar fuels market.

The conference will present and discuss the main findings of the study and will cover, amongst others, the following topics:

A techno-economic analysis of solar fuel value chains, covering four technological pathways: electrochemical, thermochemical, chemical and biochemical;

A technology and economic roadmap for 2030 and 2050, looking at the potential for scientific and technological development of the identified technological solutions;

A market outlook for solar fuels for 2050 and 2100, assessing the potential contribution of solar fuels to worldwide sustainable energy generation.

The conference will be an opportunity for exchange with members of the International Solar Fuel Forum, a network of global experts and stakeholders on the research, development and investment in solar fuel technology, established within the project. The conference will follow up and draw further conclusions on the three virtual workshops which were held as part of the International Solar Fuel Forum.

The event is open to the public, registration is required.

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