Asset Manager Submission Deadline: 31 August | Diversity Project Releases a Digital Diversity and Inclusion Request for Asset Owners



| The UK-based Diversity Project, an investment and savings industry initiative to help create a more inclusive culture, has worked with asset owners, asset managers and consultants to develop a best practice guidance questionnaire to support asset owners and managers in addressing inclusion and diversity issues.

The questionnaire builds a base for the Diversity and Inclusion Tool on enabling asset owners to screen their existing and prospective investments, thus enhancing the digital RFP/RFI evaluation process with a dedicated tool. The information sourced will only be available to asset owners and fund selectors. Asset managers are welcome to indicate planned developments of the respective issues addressed in the questionnaire, above all if not implemented yet. 

The questionnaire is a best practice tool in progress and remains open for feedback and further suggestions. 

| The Diversity and Inclusion Request was released on on 28 July. The results will be made available to asset owners on 31 August after the submission deadline.