IPCC: Alarm bells ringing loud and clear | PRI

Investor action and real economy impact needed - PRI
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Commenting after the launch of the IPCC’s report, “Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability”, Sagarika Chatterjee, Director of Climate and Environment at the Principles for Responsible Investment, said:

“The IPCC has set alarm bells ringing loud and clear with this report. As a society, we are not acting rapidly enough to prevent the widespread impact of climate change, and we face a closing window to keep global warming to manageable levels. We stand at a cliff edge, facing the very real prospect of a world changed forever by the impact of man-made global warming. Billions of people will be affected by the damage climate change will do to our planet, it’s ecosystem, and our very way of life – unless we take drastic action now. International cooperation is at the core of this – a reality felt most keenly in the current geopolitical environment. Looking ahead, investors and governments need to act in concert to realise a global scheme of climate resilient development, which secures sustainable economic growth and preserves the future of our world.”

The IPCC prepares comprehensive Assessment Reports about knowledge on climate change, its causes, potential impacts and response options.



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