Asset owners: Decarbonisation strategies on company and portfolio level

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Net Zero and Zero Carbon might be investors’ targets. Decarbonisation strategies lead towards achieving these objectives.

Unique decarbonisation strategies

Today, institutional investors and asset managers develop their unique decarbonisation strategies to ensure a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in investee companies and on the portfolio level, in line with global efforts to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Joining Net Zero alliances and initiatives is a good starting point. Developing a dedicated decarbonisation strategy based on sound scientific analysis and the relevant dataset is moving the needle in the mid and long term.

Decarbonisation Strategy Request on

Asset owners registered on the platform have the tools available to developed their own unique “Decarbonisation Request” on asset class level by using the decarbonisation questionnaire provided in the template library.

This questionnaire can be customized according to the asset owner’s unique requirements, data and information need.

Asset owners use this service at no cost and gain access to up-to-date information from the asset manager peergroup.

The main elements of this valuable decarbonisaton resource are as follows:

– decarbonisation approach
– scientific basis
– targets, data
– metrics
– status & progress

Asset managers provide information on their approaches: exclusion, divestment, climate-positive solutions, carbon budget management, engagement, voting, etc. as well as on metrics and targets.

Decarbonisation is a mid- to long-term strategy but there is no time to be lost and get started. Some asset owners realized the importance of the issue years ago and are at the forefront of strategy development.

AP2: Focus on carbon footprint since 2009

AP2 in Sweden began to analyse the equity portfolio’s carbon footprint in 2009 and has been taking the measurements annually since 2014. This award-winning strategy is one of the best case studies in the pensions marketplace in Europe.

Decarbonisation Strategy Request on

Asset owners registered on can create their request and use the decarbonisation questionnaire template (default section).

The questionnaire part of the request can be customized to include unique questions and data requirements relevant and important for the asset owner.

Asset managers are notified whenever new requests are issued –  as was the case on Friday, 4 November, 2022 when an asset owner issued a decarbonisation requests. Asset managers with expertise in this field create their unique response for the asset owner.

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