In our January 2023 Viewpoint, Biodiversity as Systemic Risk, the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) advances 10 “game-changers” — concepts, processes, strategies and legal regimes — for addressing the profound and immediate risks to corporations and investors presented by biodiversity loss. This game-changers Viewpoint also includes an extensive list of questions that investor stewardship teams may consider posing when engaging companies on biodiversity loss.

Recognising that for many investors biodiversity represents a new set of risks that have yet to be identified and assessed for further action, ICGN offers this Biodiversity Action Toolkit. It is published as a companion to the Viewpoint and is designed to: (1) highlight the tools investment institutions can draw upon in order to better understand their risk exposure; and (2) identify the main stewardship opportunities for mitigating these risks.

Please download the ICGN Biodiversity Action Toolkit for further information.



ICGN Biodiversity Action Toolkit


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