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| Tuesday Club, the interdisciplinary ESG think tank, is mapping the future

By Joachim von Halasz, Founder of Tuesday Club, London.

Tuesday Club is unbiased, non-partisan and non-party political. It endorses the value of pluralistic, critical and constructive thinking. It aims for the highest degree of epistemic responsibility. Meetings on Zoom are held under the Chatham House Rule and are not recorded to encourage transparency and openness during the presentations and discussions. Participation is free of charge and by invitation only.

Founded in February 2018, Tuesday Club meets weekly on Zoom. Based on merit, up to 50 participants attend each meeting. Tuesday Club is building a team with global reach, multi-jurisdictional backgrounds, multi-sector expertise, profound cultural sensitivities and diverse language skills. All share an exceptional entrepreneurial spirit and maintain global networks of high quality contacts in all industries. The team analysis trending ESG topics across all sectors and geopolitical developments.


| What are your main ESG-related objectives and (planned) activities to achieve them (including collaborations, if applicable)?

During 2020 Tuesday Club has explored the following topics through a multi-faceted ESG lens:

The history of Climate Science.

Climate Change Resilience, Mitigation and Adaption.

Climate Risk impact on Security and Defence.

Energy Security, Clean Energy, looking at the whole supply chain.

Great Power Reshuffle between US-Russia-China.

Increasing regionalisation and decreasing globalisation.

The future of multilateralism and international institutions.

World Economy Contraction and Recovery.

Diversity, the key to increased prosperity.

The threats to the values of Human Rights and Democracy.

Migration and the incubator regions in Africa and Middle East.

Redistributive reforms impacting citizens and local government.


| Speakers from from the following organisations addressed Tuesday Club:

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), The Center for Climate and Security (Washington), The Tyndall Centre (mitigating and adapting to climate change), The European Climate Foundation (ECF), Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF), The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR), Stanford University, Cambridge University, Oxford University, Club de Madrid, Chatham House, Munich Security Conference, BBC Monitoring, The Economist and Financial Times.


| How do you support asset owners?

Tuesday Club explores synergies and creates a conducive environment to allow for high value strategic introductions. Many family offices, pension funds, asset managers, think tanks, embassies, regulators, associations, media organisations, start-ups and corporates appreciate the platform and thought leadership offered by the Tuesday Club.



Joachim von Halasz, based in London, has over 20 years of experience in financial services, investor relations and global media relations. He specialises in strategic cross border communications  introductions and market entry advise in the asset management and wealth management sectors. He maintains strong networks between London, Frankfurt, Geneva, Zurich and Vienna and is fluent in German and French. He is a strategic advisor to investRFP and the exclusive representative of investRFP for the UK.


| contact information

For more information please email: Joachim (at) vonhalasz (dot) com