| Emerging market pioneers & leadership over the 2010-2020-decade featured in the 5th Annual Green Bond Pioneer Awards (GBPA) announced by the Climate Bonds Initiative

Focusing on achievement by organisations, financial institutions & governments, the GBPA are the premier international recognition of best practice & innovation in green finance, encompassing green bonds, loans & sukuk & significant market developments in climate & transition-based investment.

The GBPA also maintains a longstanding focus on highlighting green investment in emerging economies & acknowledging regional & national entrants to the markets. New green issuers from Central America, theCaribbean, Middle East, Mediterranean & Eastern Europe featured in this year’s awards, reflecting the growing global diversity in green finance origination.

The 2020 awards, which coincide with Climate Bonds 10 Year Anniversary, also include new categories acknowledging decade long contributions to building green finance from both public & private sector financial institutions.


| 2020 Green Bond Pioneer Award Recipients:

〉The Largest Sovereign Green Bond Deal & Largest Certified Climate Bond of 2019 – Dutch State Treasury Agency (DSTA)

〉The Largest Green Sukuk & Largest Emerging Market Certified Climate Bond of 2019 – Noor Energy 1 ACWA Power

〉The Largest Development Bank Green Bond Deal of 2019 – KfW

〉The Largest Subnational Green Bond Deal of 2019 – Queensland Treasury Corporation (QTC)

〉The Largest Green ABS Deal of 2019 – Obvion

〉The Largest Financial Corporate Green Bond Deal of 2019 & Largest Financial Corporate Green Bond Issuer over the last 10 years – Industrial Bank Co. Ltd (CIB)

〉The Largest Non-Financial Corporate Green Bond Deal of 2019 & Largest Non-Financial Green Bond Issuer over the last 10 years – Engie

〉The Largest Development Bank Green Bond Issuer Over the Last 10 Years – EIB

〉The Largest Subnational Green Bond Issuer Over the Last 10 Years – Province of Ontario

〉The Largest Global Green Bond Issuer Over the Last 10 Years – Fannie Mae

〉New Market Green Pioneer: Barbados – Williams Caribbean Capital

〉New Market Green Pioneer: Ecuador – Banco Pichincha

〉New Market Green Pioneer: Greece – Terna Energy

〉New Market Green Pioneer: Kenya – Acorn Holdings

〉New Market Green Pioneer: Panama – CIFI

〉New Market Green Pioneer: Russia – Russian Railways

〉New Market Green Pioneer: Saudi Arabia – Islamic Development Bank

〉New Market Green Pioneer: Ukraine – DTEK Renewables

〉Central Bank Initiatives Awards – NGFS

〉The Largest Green Schuldschein of 2019 – Porsche

〉The Largest Green ICT issuer of 2019 -Telefonica

〉The Largest Industry Green Bond Issuer of 2019 – LG Chem

〉Largest SPO provider of 2019 – Cicero Shades of Green

〉The Largest Green Bonds Verifier for Certified Climate Bonds of 2019 – Sustainalytics


| about

The Climate Bonds Initiative is an investor-focused not-for-profit, promoting large-scale investment in the low-carbon economy.

The Green Bond Pioneer Awards recognise organisations who through their actions at corporate, national, or regional levels have demonstrated the potential of green finance, energised the market & have led by positive example.

Launched in 2016 in an inaugural partnership with the London Stock Exchange Group, the Green Bond Pioneer Awards are acknowledged as the foremost international recognition in green finance.