INSIGHT by the Climate Bonds Initiative


Case studies of Agriculture, Transport, Livestock, Forestry, Bioenergy, and Solar Energy highlight the benefits of credible green deals.

The Brazilian green bond market is expanding, and applying international best practices in issuing green and thematic bonds is critical to growing the market further. Brazil is one of the largest agricultural producers globally, followed by the renewable energy and transport sectors.

With the support of the GB Moore Foundation, the Climate Bonds Initiative launched the ‘Sector Briefings: Best Practice for Issuing Green Bonds, spotlight on Brazil’ for six sectors in the country: Agriculture, Transport, Livestock, Forestry, Bioenergy, and Solar Energy.

The briefings address the need for more significant guidance and technical assistance for issuers to come to the market with credible deals. To support the understanding of those Briefings, a series of videocasts was recorded in Sao Paulo with key-guest speakers from the relevant sectors to share their case studies and what they learned with the Certification process.


“If you want to know more about how the green bond issuing process helps tackle the climate change challenges, you are in the right place.

The Sector Briefings are useful for investors, asset managers, and governments. These playbooks as a step-by-step guide on how to issue green deals in Brazil and a Certification process summary.”

-Andrés Felipe Sanchez, Head for Latin America & the Caribbean, Climate Bonds Initiative



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Agriculture – in English or Portuguese

Transport – in English or Portuguese

Livestock in English or Portuguese

Forestry in English or Portuguese

Bioenergy – in English or Portuguese

Solar Energy – in English or Portuguese


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